About us

Attendwise is an event software company that provides a suite of digital event tools to manage events - through our Event Platform ConferenceCommunicator. And we also offer a digital registration system for companies to register their guests upon arrival - through the solution Guestbook.

Who is behind Attendwise?

Our company saw the light of the day in the year of 2011. Back then, apps were the new black, and we developed tailormade apps for after-school childcare facilities, museums, tourist information centres and municipalities. When asked to design a conference app, we spotted the potential in developing a license-based event app, registration system and many other features. Which is why we today offer the eventplatform ConferenceCommunicator.

Our core aim is to assist the event organizers in managing their events with an "all-in-one" event platform. We aim of being the organizers preferable collaboration partner through our event tools and our support. Our customers experience a company that take them seriously and always seek to improve the platform for better use. We do "co-creation" with our customers - so to speak. Today, we enjoy having many different customers with different demands which only improves our platform and keep us sharp.

Attendwise is owned by Mikael Klante, our CTO and founder of Attendwise formerly known as SortKaffe in 2011, and Jeannette Eis, CCO and partner since 2013.


Mikael Klante is our CTO

Mikael is an experienced System Developer and has more than 25 years of experience in project management and in the development of digital solutions. As a former Development Manager in an advertising agency, he has solved several web tasks for big companies.

In 2011 Mikael formed the software company SortKaffe now Attendwise with the aim of developing "any" software that makes the customers happy. And with Jeannette coming into the company in 2013, the company started focusing on developing license based software - with the development and marketing of the eventplatform ConferenceCommunicator and the registration system Guestbook. 

Mikael is known for solving things quickly of which the customers enjoy. His motto is "why wait till tomorrow if we can solve the problem now".


Jeannette Eis is our CCO

Jeannette holds a Master Degree in human nutrition and has previously worked as a research assistant, company nutritionist, nutrition lecturer and as an innovation and business consultant. However, Jeannette found that she has an entrepreneur mindset and a passion for business and product development. Working with customers of ConferenceCommunicator there is no doubt that Jeannette's passion is to help event organizers managing their events with event software as a tool. She is committed to ensure good customer collaboration and to ensure that needs and solutions match. Therefore she is the customer's consultant in ensuring the right solution.

Jeannette is very fond of writing blog posts, and regularly writes blog posts with inspiration about event technology. Jeannette is e.g. a regular guest blogger for the online magazine Meetafy.dk