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Manage physical, virtual or hybrid events with ConferenceCommunicator Event Platform

Today as an event organizer you must be ready to manage various types of events. Both physical events and virtual events - as well as hybrid events. It makes several demands on you as an organizer.

That is why we offer ConferenceCommunicator as an all-in-one event platform to use, whether you are hosting pure physical events, pure virtual events or hybrid events. The focal point of ConferenceCommunicator is that you only need to get to know one system, and that you can quickly switch between the different types of events. And with you at the helm.

Features in ConferenceCommunicator Event Platform

We offer access to several features in ConferenceCommunicator of which you select in accordance to your needs:

  • Event App
  • Event Website
  • Virtual Event Platform
  • Online registration
  • Online business matchmaking
  • Exhibitor appointment booking
  • Exhibitor lead generation
  • Automated collection of exhibitor material 

What is the purpose of ConferenceCommunicator?

The purpose of ConferenceCommunicator is to save you time on administration - and to improve the comunications and engagement with your participants and other stakeholders. In short:

  • Save time with "all-in-one" event system
  • Save time gathering material from exhibitors and speakers
  • Improve communications through event app and message system
  • Manage physical, virtual and hybrid events with one tool
  • Increase participant involvement and create engagement
  • Create relevant meetings between your participants
  • Increase visibility and create leads for your exhibitors

Who are our Customers?

We offer our services to anyone who manage events such as conferences, exhibition and fairs, networking events and so. Some needs are in common while others are different.

We are experienced in helping:

  • Companies with events for clients and suppliers 
  • Industry Organization with congresses and exhibitions
  • Member Organizations with conferences and exhibition
  • Municipalities with education fairs and public conferences
  • Universities with international academic conferences